Categorize data ,

Organize texts, URLs, images and documents in categories using latest AI technologies

How it works

Define categories and upload data items

Define a list of categories - hierarchical if needed - and upload items - URLs, text or images - letting LLM based AI to assign them based on their content. No need to pretrain data or commit to a fixed list of categories or labels.

...or upload items and let AI define categories

If predefined categories are not know, let LLM AI come up with a propriate, hierarchical list of categories for you.

Access via browser, API & plugins

Use a browser-based UI or REST API to create, read, or delete items and categories. Additionally, you can request plugins for your use case from the support team.


Custom categories

No need to rely on a predefined list of categories. Define the exact custom categories that you need be it two or many more.

No training data

Rely on cutting edge LLM technologies to automatically assign entries based on their content without pretraining.

Multi-level hierarchies

When the categories can be arranged hierarchically define subcategories multiple levels down.

Optional automated category generation

If needed, let AI generate the categories for you. Specify the maximum number of categories per hierarhy level to arrange and rearrange category hieararchy as you add them.

Text and image based categorization

Use only text, only images as well as both.


Pay-as-you-go credit for large language model (AI) calls

Top up as per your needs - start with a refundable $5 credit

Set your maximum price per categorization event, determining how large part of your item's data will be used

Large Language Model Level Cost per 1000 tokens Cost per image Recommended maximal cost per event
Category pick, split or merge at one hierarchy level/parent category
Basic $0.003 Not supported $0.0025
Up to ~2 700 tokens or ~1 800 words from each item/category list will be used
Cutting-edge $0.06 $0.006 $0.025
Up to ~1 000 tokens or ~700 words, or up to ~10 images from each item/category list will be used

Storage plans

Multiple can be combined as per needs - pay 2 x $9.95 if that suits you best


  • Up to 24-hour storage
  • Requires data export


  • 750 items
  • 1 GB of data


  • 5 000 items
  • 10 GB of data


  • 20 000 items
  • 40 GB of data

Enterprise Solutions

Custom Deployment Options

Choose from on-premises hosting or dedicated cloud servers tailored to your business needs. We provide complete setup on your infrastructure or on a cloud provider of your choice.

Customized Prompts for LLM

Enhance your user experience with LLM prompts fine-tuned specifically for your use cases, ensuring maximum relevance and efficiency.

Dedicated and Self-Hosted Models

Benefit from custom AI models that can be hosted on your servers, giving you full control over your data privacy and security.

No Additional Token Costs

Use the services with no extra charges on top of the model's original token pricing, ensuring cost-effective scalability for enterprise needs.

Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Guaranteed service quality and uptime, backed by a comprehensive SLA that aligns with your business requirements.